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Nenene spun around so violently that you could almost hear the movement, looking at Yomiko for the first time.


Against her better judgment, Yomiko took The Cat on the Corner from her pocket and compared her to the author photograph.

Her big eyes were bloodshot, and her hairstyle was a disorderly mess. Her uniform shirt was missing its first button, but rather than giving off an air of sexiness, there was a deep 'weariness.' Her lips showed not the hint of a smile, instead venting her excited breaths with a wheezing sound.

Each individual part was definitely the same, but the feel that she gave off was the complete opposite.

"You are...Sumiregawa...Nenene...sensei...right?" Yomiko timidly asked.


Letting out a scream that was neither affirmation nor denial, Nenene rushed forward. Suddenly finding her space encroached upon, Yomiko swiftly fell back.

"The sword of Medusa! It cuts Farsis when she tries to protect Dorrid! If it was you, what would you do!?"

"Huh? Huh? Huh?"

Overwhelmed by Nenene's rapid approach, Yomiko was pushed up against the bookshelf behind her.

Nenene was almost a head shorter than her, but the bloodcurdling look on her face left no room for resistance.

"You killed your little sister! What do you do! Tell me!"


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