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In between the bookshelves was a table with a concave shape. On top of it were stacks of books with post-it notes stuck between the pages.

In addition, there was a total of 4 laptops on the table as well, as if it that space just had to be filled. They all appeared to be running, and each screen had word processing software pulled up on it.

This corner of the library was being used as a study.

The woman in charge of it all was sitting in the central seat. She had her back turned with both of her hands raised up like she was seeking aid from heaven. The back of her chestnut hair sprang energetically outward. It was the kind of hairstyle often seen in photographs of young people.

"Ex-" Yomiko started to speak to that turned back. "Sumiregawa-sensei!"


The turned back answered with silence.

"Sumiregawa-sensei?" Yomiko's words took on a doubtful tone.


The fingers on the woman's hands moved slightly. It was such a subtle movement that Yomiko didn't even notice.

The air in the library began to transform. The atmosphere had been peaceful up until then, but now the temperature around the girl at the table began to rapidly drop.

Yomiko raised her voice slightly, speaking for a third time. "Sumiregawa Nenene-sensei!"


The girl called Nenene stood with a yell. At the force of her movement, the wheeled chair she'd been sitting on flew back.

Yomiko shrank in on herself with a start.

"I can't write!" Nenene tore at her hair. The fine strands of her hair scattered as though a windstorm had struck them.



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