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Having returned the library to its original state, Nenene was making her way toward the school gate with tired steps when someone called out to her. As strange as it seemed, someone knew it was her before she even turned around.

"Please wait, Sumiregawa-sensei!"

It was that woman from the library. What was her name... Yomiko? A silly name. Not she could really say anything, given her own.

Yomiko caught up with Nenene, pulled a small suitcase behind her with a rattle.

"...Are you done being scolded?"

"...Yes. Thanks for your concern." Despite being slightly out of breath, her thanks came swiftly. It was hard to tell which of them was the teacher and which the student.

"I wasn't worried." She'd intended to say it coolly, but Yomiko just looked at her with a wide smile.

"...So, what do you want?"

"Um, I was hoping that I could do a home visit."

"A home visit? At my house?" At Yomiko's sudden suggestion, Nenene unthinkingly raised her voice.


"Why? You're just a substitute teacher! You're not even my teacher."

"That's true, but..." At this point, Yomiko peered at her surroundings and lowered her voice. "...The truth is, I want to protect you."


"Yes. From the person who sent you that letter."

"What? It's fine, I'll just hire a bodyguard tomorrow or something." From a high school girl like Nenene, the word bodyguard took on a strange ring.

"But if you're attacked tonight then you'll be in danger."

"And what do you think you would be able to do?"

"Sensei, despite my looks, I'm actually quite strong." She made a fist and struck her chest. It made an audible noise when it struck her surprisingly ample chest.

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