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When an author becomes popular, sometimes so-called 'painful' fans will send them letters and 'presents.' When you get into the same class as Nenene, that ratio must rise significantly. There was no way this was the first time she'd encountered a situation like this.

"An author and her work are separate things. If you ask for more than her work, then you're just an annoyance!"

Nenene pointed at the letter that she'd given Yomiko.

"So is that. That's a sample of delusions running wild."

Confronted with such a vehement tone from Nenene, Yomiko could only mutter a few words in reply. "...Is that so..."


Yomiko put the letter on top of the book and looked at the floor. "I...was really moved by reading your book. I wondered what kind of person could have written such a wonderful story."

"..." At her unexpectedly serious tone, Nenene's fervor dimmed slightly.

"...I think that other people must feel the same way. After all, when you like someone, you want to know more about them, don't you?"

"Like? Me? Even though you've only just met me?"

"Yes. I mean, I've read everything you've written." There was no hesitation in Yomiko's voice. Her words had no hidden meaning, like a child's.

"...I'm tell you, that's not me. Those are my books."

"They're the same. Didn't you just say that you put your everything into them?"


Yomiko flipped through the pages of "The Cat on the Corner" with a rustle. Her gentle and careful movements showed her adoration. "The paper has shown me how much emotion you've put into this book."

Yomiko looked straight at Nenene, a defenseless smile on her face.

"I've loved you for a long time."

A strange silence fell. Neither of one them yet knew even a particle of what it contained.

Confronted with words that were practically a confession of love, Nenene looked like she couldn't decide between absolute confusion and anger. Yomiko silently handed back the envelope.

"I'm sure this person feels the same way. So, if you'd just talk to them..."


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