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Smiling like a puppy that had just received praise, Yomiko once again took out her paperback copy of "The Cat on the Corner."

"I've loved your books for a long, long time! I was so moved by this book earlier that it made my nose run!"

"...If you're going to leak something, make it tears."

Yomiko thrust the book at a puzzled-looking Nenene. She was still sitting on her knees.

"Um...Please! Please sign this! For a long time, it's been my dream to get your autograph!"

The temperature of Nenene's gaze dropped slightly as she looked down.

"If you're a fan, you'll know that I don't give out autographs."

This was true. Since her debut, Nenene hadn't had single book signing event. For an author of her status, it was a rare thing.

"Yes! But hearing you say that just makes me want it more."

"It's an annoyance!"


Nenene returned Yomiko's words with a surprising amount of volume.

"A fan? I'm not an idol or a celebrity. I write novels. If the tales I write moved you in some way, then that's fine and dandy. But why in the world would you want my autograph? It's just a name."

"Huh? But that's..."

"I put everything I have into my work. If you're interested in something, it should be in my work, not in me."
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