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Nenene took a single envelope from the materials that were scattered on the table, and then turned and presented it to Yomiko.

It was a plain white envelope without any distinctive characteristics. It had no stamp or postmark, and there wasn't even an address written on it. It seemed that someone had personally delivered it.

After Yomiko had carefully examined it, she took out the letter inside and looked at its contents.

There was a single sheet of unlined paper inside.

On it was written just one line.

"To my Paul S., We're coming to get you soon."

It had been printed from a computer. Its style was brusque, and the letter lacked both humanity and personality.

"What in the world is this?"

"It was in our mail yesterday. It's not from you?"

"No." Yomiko politely shook her head in denial.

Nenene's expression became even more discontent.

"There's been a lot of them lately. Also silent phone calls, and when I go out, I feel like someone is following me. That's why I've had so much trouble writing!"

"Um, have you considered contacting the police...?"

"I have! And all they said was, 'We'll increase our patrols in the area.' What kind of half-hearted response is that! That's my tax dollars at work!"

Getting more worked up as she talked, Nenene began to pace restlessly around the room.

"And then this letter comes! First of all, who the hell is Paul? I'm Nenene! Sumiregawa Nenene!" She pointed her thumb at her chest with this proclamation. It was a pretty insolent attitude, but when Nenene did it, it somehow seemed to suit her. Of course, there must be some strong pride behind it.

"I know that. When you were thirteen, you debuted with You Know Me, and now you're a top selling author of the junior novel world, with your first runs selling over 50,000! Your favorite food is no-bake cheesecake, and when you bathe, you wash your right leg first!" As she got more fired up, Yomiko's voice rose ever higher.

"...You really know me."

"Yes! I'm a big fan."
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