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Putting the main character in danger was an element that couldn't be excluded from the novel, but having this much adversity before they even hit the climax was just too much.

Nenene brushed aside Yomiko's worry like dust.

"I'm not even thinking about that!"

Yomiko's eyes widened behind her glasses at the confident assertion.

"Alright! Let's do this!"

"Can you really do that, sensei?"

Nenene swiftly turned and sat in her chair, placing her fingers on her laptop's keyboards. Strangely, she had put her left and right hands on the keyboards of different laptops.

"Hah..." She took a small breath, and in the next instant, she started to vigorously tap at the keys.


Her fingers danced on the narrow keyboards. Her fingers danced, ran, and wove sentences so quickly that you couldn't tell which keys she was striking. Surprisingly, each hand seemed to be writing different sentences.

The sound from earlier had been her hitting the keys.

But if the earlier sound had been a melody, this sounded more like a machine gun, firing at random. That was how much force was behind it.


In the end, even though it had never been said, it was certain that this was Nenene.

She couldn't be called large by any stretch, but her presence made it seem like she was. The sense of intimidation she gave off was like a combustion engine.

This was truly an author in action.
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