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"...Are you talking about The Jesters of Glendard?"

The names that Nenene had said were characters from the fantasy novel that she was currently writing. Of course Yomiko was reading it.

"Wait...What? Farsis is going to die!"

"That's right. Mildwood's wonder drug makes the sword go on a rampage! Medusa kills her!"

"Pl-Please stop it! You'll ruin the book for me!"

Yomiko covered her ears with her hands and shook her head from side to side in denial.

"They've been together ever since they were children! His little sister has always been by his side and he kills her! How do you like that! How does that make you feel!"

"Ah! Ah! I can't hear you! Nya! Nya! Nya!"

Ears still covered, Yomiko cowered in place. When she was looking forward to the next part of a story, she could only be satisfied by reading the story herself. She wasn't happy to be told what was going to happen, even by the author.

Looking at her, the color of Nenene's eyes changed.

"! ...Yes...That's it."


"Medusa repents! Having killed his little sister, he despairs of himself! He covers his ears, shuts his eyes, and seals himself in a world of darkness and silence!"

Her voice was steeped in excitement. It seemed that she had found a breakthrough in these boiled-down conclusions.

"Se-Sensei! Then who will defeat Bachs, if that happens to Medusa!"


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